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Writer's Block: My favorite T
Do certain items of clothing remind you of people or events from your past? If so, what garment reminds you of a particularly happy memory?

I have quite a few that I could think of. But mainly shirts/sweater I bought at concerts I've been to. Which also lead me to think about the people I was with at the concerts as well. Joey, Duwayne, Adam, Kyle, Krid, Cartmen(David lol), Sam, Steven, Clarissa... etc. I'm going to write about 3 articles of clothing in particular though, the ones that stick out most to me. :)

My first big concert ever was the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2000. PM5K, SOAD, Kid Rock, Korn and Metallica. It was amazing, I loved every minute of it. Even though I wasn't a Kid Rock fan, I still loved the show. I had so much fun with Joey and Duwayne! The whole trip was all paid for by them too. I'll always remember that they were the ones who took me to see my favorite band for my first real concert! I had to have a souvenir! Instead of buying the typical tour shirt, I ended up buying a super girly Korn shirt. It was basically a white piece of cloth to cover the front with strings that tied around the back to hold it on. And in the very bottom left corner, there was a heart with a dagger going through it and a banner on it that said Korn. LOL, I had fun wearing it around SF but it wasn't something I could wear to school! I don't wear it now, but I still own it for memories sake. :)

A couple years later, Clarissa and I had hit it off really well (She's still my best friend to this day!) and her 16th was coming up soon. Linkin Park was going to be in Bakersfield and we just had to go! So that's just what we did. It was so much fun! Even the part where they made her take off her studded belt and I had to lose my chains or else security wouldn't let us in. It was lame because when we got into the arena there were tons of people with spikes, chains, studded belts, etc inside! We got stuck with the nazi security guy. D: Adema had opened for them and Hed(PE) was there as well. Linkin Park did an amazing job, it was an amazing night I'll never forget! So this time I ended up buying something I could wear more often! A Linkin Park hoodie, it was so comfy. Worth the 50 bucks I paid! It's too bad that about 4 years later a friend of my ex lost it after I let him borrow it on one cold night! I miss that hoodie so much! D: (I guess this almost disqualifies this hoodie, but it is still one of my most memorable articles of clothing I've ever had!)

And last, but certainly not the least, my Incubus tour shirt. I bought tickets for my ex-boyfriend's birthday. At the time Incubus was our favorite band and his first concert as well. A bunch of his friends ended up going as well, all of us being fans and such, hehe. I still have all the pictures from that night! Even the one Kyle got with Jacoby! He had yoinked my camera and wandered off, ended up running into the lead singer of Papa Roach and took a pic with him, lol. I was so in love and in love with the music playing, plus being surrounded by friends. Simply amazing! I got a tour shirt, just because I never had bought one. I still think about it all when I wear it. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Good times... definitely, good times.


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